This weekend is our cross country event, race 3 of the 53-12 league. Details are at If you are planning to help prepare for the race, marshal or spectate on the day, wellington boots are strongly recommended. If you need to contact me for any reason please phone, text or whatsapp me on 07720 451457 or email [email protected]
On a sombre note, earlier this week one of Ipswich Jaffa’s members, Mark Furnace, sadly passed away in particularly tragic circumstances. To remember Mark and to show respect and support to his wife Hannah, who may well be running on Sunday, and to his many club mates who are being encouraged to run in his memory, we will have a 1 minute silence prior to the senior race at 10:45 Please spread the word amongst all runners on Sunday to ensure that everyone is aware of it and that the silence is respectfully observed.
On Saturday help is required for three key tasks, meet at Gosfield School sports hall which is past the main building on the left. Please park considerately as other users will be on site during the day. I think we have enough helpers but if anyone not listed below can come along as well, please do.
9:30 Nicole Smith, Jenn Langley and Jim Clark have offered to help mark up the route around the school grounds including the start/finish areas.
1:30 Glynn & Claire Stone, Sam Wolton, Andrew Warner, John Markham & Paul Hinsley have offered to help mark up the 3 miles in the woods, clearing any debris as we go.
5:00 Kathryn Bronson, Richard Tiller, Juan de Gea and Neil Poulter have offered to help prepare the hall by putting down plastic, taping off showers, setting up tables etc.
On Sunday there are also several areas where you can help. I plan to be at the sports hall around 8:00 Please come to the hall to pick up a hi-vis marshals jacket if you are officiating in any way, even if it’s only to help with the junior fun run that starts at 10:00 First Aid cover will be supplied by Essex Medics and contacted via me, on 07720 451457 unless they advise an alternative number on the day.
8:30 onwards we need a team to supervise parking to maximise the limited space available. HI-VIS JACKET COMPULSORY. Volunteers so far are Nathan Roulson, Mick Purkiss, Roger Ashdown & Les Morley but we could do with a few more as there are several parking areas to be utilised and parking on the grass must be discouraged unless absolutely necessary.
Steve May/Richard Candler (whilst managing their entourage of children) to collect £3 from our runners and record finish positions after the race.
Sheila Purkiss, Jean & Brian Hastings to manage the refreshments area along with any other volunteers, could do with at least two. All runners are entitled to a free hot or cold drink in the hall afterwards and non runners are invited to make a donation. Most of this job is post race but some people ask for drinks pre race but it’s up to Sheila, the catering manager, to manage that one!
Rosie Atkins has offered to run/walk as tail ender for both races to ensure everyone gets back safely and that the marshals know who is the last runner.
Marshals in the woods will be managed by Paul Hinsley and Glynn Stone – please meet Paul/Glyn and me at the sports hall by 9:30 at the latest, preferably nearer 9:00  Volunteers so far are Paul Frindle, Julia Woolnough, Andy Wilmot, Ben Troughton, Mike Garnham, Neil Poulter, Nigel Smith, & Axel Voigt. One or two more will be helpful but not essential. Marshals to clear all tape and marker posts in the woods as they return – Paul/Glynn to manage.
At the finish line, Meg Hollinshead and Jenn Langley will hand out the finish number discs. Any car park marshals who are not running, please help supervise this area. Runners need to be separated by gender once they cross the line and kept in finishing order to ensure they take the correct disc. Spectators and their children/dogs should be politely encouraged to keep out of the way of finishing runners.
After the team score sheets have been handed to me by all clubs, I need to input the data on my laptop as we have a wonderful new system that will calculate the team positions for me rather than the old fashioned “back of a fag packet” method. Club reps will also be handing in a full list of their runners, their discs and a cheque – I could really do with a couple of helpers here please, in the hall
Finally, when results have been announced and all runners have departed can everyone help clear up the hall and the school grounds – this year we will be assisted at 1:00 by the school cleaners as Braintree Bowmen start their indoor session at 1:30
Hope I’ve covered everything!
Andy Carter