The incredible Andy Wilmot completed his 700th Marathon at Sunday’s A20 Paths and Downs in Maidstone. Andy aged 72, breezed around the hilly 26.2 mile course finishing in 4:12 to win his age group.

Andy’s astonishing feat of marathons completed puts him in a very elite group of runners worldwide with his new milestone currently ranking him 7th in the UK. For a man who didn’t start running until he hit his 40’s and who used to stop halfway round for a cigarette, Andy has covered over 18,340 miles, averaging 40 marathons a year. Andy has no plans to stop running and will continue running as he heads towards 800 over the coming years.

Keith Thorogood, Laura Marfleet and Sarah Frost all completed the half marathon in support of Andy. Sarah and Laura finished together completing their first half marathons in a time of 2:03, while Keith Thorogood finished in 2:18.